Interview J’aime Les Startups (17th August 2022)


What do you propose ?

We offer individuals and professionals the opportunity to publish videos in the context of classified ads, recruitment, or visits to real estate, car sales, presentation of their company, etc., with many additional features of course.

What need do you meet (Why do your customers need your product/service?)

The need is already there, the classified ad is something as old as the world, but through the video it allows to have several advantages. Some products don’t benefit from video, but most do. I often take the example of the car, it is much better to see a video of a car where you can hear the engine purring than to see a photo. We are now seeking to democratize this new use. In terms of security, this is much clearer too, since the video leaves less room for misappropriation (knowing that on our app we cannot upload videos, and there are no retouching or filters, and this is voluntary )

What technologies do you use?

Our application is developed with flutter, a language developed by google.


How did you get the idea?

The idea came to me while talking quite naturally with a friend who himself has a start-up. We talked about this idea of ​​video classifieds while laughing, and then after reflection we said to ourselves that it was not so stupid after all. Then I teamed up with a web designer and friend, Ludovic, who completely bought into the idea and who today, from this raw material, has made something really relevant, aesthetic and practical.

What convinced you to get started and create this startup?

The need was for me preeminent concerning the sale in video. Indeed, today everyone uses entertainment platforms to offer products for sale. So certainly because there is an audience but I also think because there is no adequate platform today exclusively focused on video sales such as live shopping or video ads. Through our application it is now possible to advertise for free, share videos on social networks, chat with sellers, geographically target your search, use specific filters, etc.

How long ago did you start this project?

Since January 2022


What is your core target?

Our core target is very large, individuals, professionals, craftsmen, artists, associations… anyone who wants to send a video message through our application and reach an audience that is here for this type of content. Many people complain today that they only have ads on youtube, facebook, tiktok etc… these entertainment platforms are now diverted from their initial purpose. A marketing will underlies almost all interactions on these social networks.

How will you make yourself known to your customers?

This is what we are doing with our small means. Advertising, social networks, we also contact the specialized press, word of mouth….

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