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Present your nugget in a few words. What is your value proposition?

We offer individuals and professionals to publish videos in the context of classified ads, recruitment, visits to real estate, car sales, presentation of their company, to show their know-how etc… we are a marketplace platform with a video format. We offer individuals and professionals to publish videos in the context of classified ads, recruitment, visits to real estate, car sales, presentation of their company, to show their know-how etc… we are a marketplace platform with a video format. It is possible to advertise for free in the application, to share your videos on social networks.

With geolocation we can find around us the products or establishments that interest us. It is possible to filter, there are many categories. There is also a secure chat, and we will soon be setting up online payment and a delivery system.

How did you get the idea for this project and what was the problem encountered?

The idea came to me while talking quite naturally with a friend who himself has a start-up. We talked about this idea of ​​video classifieds while laughing, and then after reflection we said to ourselves that it was not so stupid after all. Then I teamed up with a web designer and friend, Ludovic, who completely bought into the idea and who today, from this raw material, has made something really relevant, aesthetic and practical.

Today, who uses your solution?

Our application has been online for 8 days, with more than six months of work upstream, we are out now with the Beta. But what we can already see is that it is mainly individuals who download it. However, the contribution that our applications can give to companies, especially small ones, is far from negligible. Our goal is for our platform to reach all social strata, all categories, of course. It is a tool that we make available to everyone. We will see over time what people do with it, or what they want it to become.

What is the business model ? Is it meant to evolve?

We are experimenting today. The business model is simple, only videos longer than 30 seconds generate a payment (50 cents per 30 seconds), and we have escalation options at the top of the list. We do not currently apply any advertising in the application and we are designing an offer for professionals. We must remain agile, adapting to market movements and user needs. So definitely yes, our business model will evolve, and so will the app, I hope.

What technologies do you use?

We use different external tools, APIs, etc… the application is developed under flutter, a language developed by google.

What are your needs today?

Like all startups, our needs are financial in the first place in order to be able to implement improvements, accentuate technical performance, and

communicate more or better on a large scale. But, I still want to say that even without external financial support, our energy is enormous and we compete in ingenuity and creativity in order to do a lot with little.

We also have human needs. Anyone who wants to contribute, share, and work in a fun atmosphere with us can contact us, we will be flattered.

Who are your main competitors? What is your added value?

Our main competitors could be traditional classifieds platforms, however we offer a different use and a whole universe to come that wants to be identifiable and specific to the brand.

We ultimately want to create a unique experience, which is ambitious. From there I do not see us in direct competition on what we want to offer. I will said, competition is vital, and in the video sector, live shopping and everything that comes with it, it is clear that the market is going to explode. Technical improvements in smartphones, 4G and 5G now allow things that were not possible 15 years ago. Not to mention virtual reality and the metaverse.

Where do you see the business in a year?

I am an extreme hard worker as I like to say and I know that I would be devoting my entire energy to this project. There is so much to do, and there are so many perspectives and developments planned that we have enough to occupy ourselves for a long time. We are already working on V2 and V3…

Share with us an unusual moment (success, failure or fun moment)

A fun moment from today! After months of work, doubting, thinking, investing our savings, we learn that our application for the 2022 Websummit has been accepted, which brings us enormous satisfaction and reassures us about the relevance and potential of what we propose. And we know that if handled well, the fallout can be very exciting for Weenonz.

If you had any advice for entrepreneurs

Weenonz is my third company, and I experienced almost all the phases of creation. Joy, fear, anxiety, motivation, disillusionment, success, loss… The only advice I can give is to always anticipate, plan. A company is first of all an idea, then you have to anchor it in reality. You have to set solid frameworks, and ask yourself first why I do it, then how I do it, and finally with whom I do it, or not.



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